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Emu Nickel is an organisation of people with interests in nickel production. We are a body of similarly oriented individuals who aim to create value in the nickel manufacturing space.

About Nickel

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Nickel Properties

There is no doubt that the relevance of nickel has become increased in recent times. This is thanks to the exceptional benefits that it brings to a wide range of production processes. Generally, nickel can deliver on these benefits thanks to its properties. These properties have been regarded as a discovery within the production and manufacturing industry.

End-Use of Nickel

One aspect where nickel continues to thrive is in its end-use applications. Today, thanks to its exceptional mechanical and physical properties, nickel remains relevant to several end-use sectors. It continues to deliver results and performance like no other.
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Nickel Availability

Nickel is one of the essential properties used in manufacturing today. While its history goes back many years before today, its concentration has mostly been narrowed down to a few popular places. Currently, around half of the world’s nickel resources are concentrated in countries like Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

Nickel Socio-Economic Impact

Nickel is a resource that has a host of benefits it offers. It is a highly sought-after material that grants manufacturers the ability to improve their metal quality and make it stand the test of time. In the following, the role that nickel plays in economic nerve centres is examined.

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First Use Of Nickel

Nickel often undergoes several further processes before it is used in other products. Before it arrives in final products, it is first applied in other different sectors. Therefore, nickel’s first use implies the initial point of contact for the material before it is found in other commodities.

Nickel Recycling

Nickel recycling is an issue that has now gained a measure of prominence in the industry. A large quantity of nickel gets recycled back into the production sphere and get transferred into different applications. A vast majority of the nickel recycled is derived from a scrap of stainless steel and again reused in the manufacturing process.

Our local sponsors

Nickel Australia

Australian Manufacturers

In the Australian economy, nickel now contributes to industry growth owing to its rising demand and applications. The evolution of electric vehicles steadily increases the export potential and has also created a boom for big companies. In recent times, these big players have made remarkable progress in the mining and production of nickels. A few deals have also been signed, expanding the potential for advancement. This is even as Australia is home to some of the largest nickel deposits in the world.

Nickel Deposits In Australia

Nickel mining started in the region of Western Australia. Australia’s stint with nickels is inevitable, which has been fraught with various fluctuations in decades past. The industry’s growth or otherwise is determined by the market appeal for nickel or nickel-based products. This has made nickel’s potential largely dependent on industrial trends.

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