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Who We Are

Emu Nickel is an organisation of people with interests in nickel production. We are a body of similarly oriented individuals who aim to create value in the nickel manufacturing space. We are particular about using nickel safely and sustainably. Following this method can yield numerous benefits for the industry as well as the environment. 

What We Do

Being a team of experts with skills that extend across diverse sectors of the industry, we offer technical advice on the use of nickel and its deployment in the industry. We also campaign for a safe and sustainable mode of production that will develop mining, spell wider economic benefits, and ensure that the methods used do not invite doom for the environment. 

In like manner, we form valuable partnerships with international bodies worldwide to facilitate the proper dissemination of new knowledge on the production of nickels. We research our partners to discover prospects and rousing innovative solutions to problems in the sphere.

We are enthusiastic about providing revenue for hardline research programmes that seek to find fresh insights on producing nickels and the effect on human health.

Our Members

The membership at Emu Nickel cut across different segments of the industry. Our ranks feature high-level industry professionals and experts who have had long years of practice in this domain. Some specialists dissect trends and provide results in the form of comprehensive analysis. Membership is equally open to individuals engaged in fields such as petroleum refining and metal production whose duties relate directly to nickels.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Emu Nickel is to create an ecosystem where people, industry players, and consumers alike are aware of the immense benefits of nickel and its risks. On risks, we work to promote knowledge of the negative consequences of unsafe nickel use on our environment.

This, we hope, will generate a paradigm shift and mobilise focus to a dual-pronged nature: the first being that safe mining and production methods are adopted without a reduction in resources. The second is that production is conducted not unwittingly to create long-term adversities for the climate in turn.

Aerial view of southern mining factory, mine quarry in Ukraine

Our Values

At Emu Nickel, three qualities are at the centre of everything we do. These are knowledge, advocacy, and determination.

Knowledge is a central part of the lineup because it is the first tool that we can use to upgrade the landscape. Among our members, exhaustive knowledge of the nickel production terrain is imperative and strongly encouraged. This will give an edge wherever we may be and whatever it is that we hope to change.

Advocacy is the second part because of its usefulness as a tool for propelling change. As it is a fundamental part of our mission, we place a premium on the desire to be a driving force for change in the ways that producers explore nickels. Advocacy is the vehicle by which we dispense knowledge in the nickel production and marketing sector.

The last part of the triad is a determination to see tasks through. Already, we understand that advocacy never comes easy and will demand a great deal of motivation to get things done. Hence, being passionate and determined for what we seek to accomplish is an integral quality for any person on our team. With this, individuals can communicate technical details as often as they need to facilitate change where necessary.

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