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There is no doubt that the relevance of nickel has become increased in recent times. This is thanks to the exceptional benefits that it brings to a wide range of production processes. Generally, nickel can deliver on these benefits thanks to its properties. These properties have been regarded as a discovery within the production and manufacturing industry.

Today, nickel is regarded as the fifth most common element in the world. It has an extensive occurrence in the world across the earth’s core and crust. This naturally occurring element possess some exceptional chemical and physical properties. In turn, this is what makes it vital to the millions of products where manufacturers now apply it.

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Key Characteristic of Nickel

Certain key characteristics differentiate the material nickel from other materials. These characteristics or features are related to their chemical properties. They are as follows:

Beneficial Properties

Beyond these key properties, there are some other beneficial properties. Some of these properties that set the metallic element apart include:

One of the major properties of nickel is its high melting point. This material has a melting point that’s valued at 1453 degrees Celsius. In turn, this ensures that this material can function effectively in a high-temperature application. In fact, this is one of the properties that has seen its increasing application in the production of engines across the aerospace and automobile industry.

Another property of the material nickel is its capacity to resist oxidation and corrosion. Today, nickel stands out among other metallic material when it comes to resistance to corrosion and oxidation. In turn, this allows it to last longer without experiencing wear and tear that will make it non-functional. This is the basis of its continued application in electroplating. It supports long use and provides durability.

Another characteristic of this material is its ability to get recycled. This is a welcome development in a world where we are constantly looking to combat climate change and continuous damage to the environment. With nickel, there is the possibility of complete recycling. In turn, this ensures that the natural reserves of nickel don’t get pressured.

Another property of nickel is that it is highly malleable. It is pliable and can be applied to a wide range of production processes in the world. Even more impressive is that this combination of properties ensures that it can deliver results regardless of the application.

Other characteristics of this silvery-white and lustrous metallic material called nickel include:

  • It possesses magnetic properties at room temperature
  • It can be deposited into other materials through electroplating
  • It possesses catalytic properties
  • It alloys readily
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