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Nickel in the Australian Industry

In the Australian economy, nickel now contributes to industry growth owing to its rising demand and applications. The evolution of electric vehicles steadily increases the export potential and has also created a boom for big companies. In recent times, these big players have made remarkable progress in the mining and production of nickels. A few deals have also been signed, expanding the potential for advancement. This is even as Australia is home to some of the largest nickel deposits in the world. 

Nickel West

Nickel West is one of the country’s biggest miners of nickel. It currently ranks as one of the biggest companies in the world too. The company is at the centre of nickel production and has mines in various parts of the country to this effect. It has also been at the forefront of exploring electric vehicle prospects in the nickel industry.

The company has a sizeable workforce who spearhead the company’s drive in the industry. It continues to pursue its objectives with the construction of new mines from which it obtains the commodity.


This is another leading company in the manufacture of nickels. It is a dominant entity that has an intercontinental reach. The company has branches in Canada, Asia as well as Europe. Glencore produces and markets nickel on a large scale.

It is involved in recycling or extracting used nickel from components such as batteries and scrap metal. It does not stop at this as it also engages in the production of byproducts of nickel such as cobalt, copper, etcetera. The company is equally aggressive in its push for continued relevance in the nickel industry.

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First Quantum

First Quantum is a company that is primarily engaged in the production of copper. However, it stands out for its diversity in the production of mineral resources. The company is dominant as its explorations span a mass of four continents with thousands of employees.

It recently gained publicity for its emergence into the Australian nickel industry. First Quantum possesses a high degree of expertise due to its investment in various minerals and the multi-pronged approach to manufacturing. 

Western Areas

Western Areas is a highly rated company in the nickel mining sector. The company controls two different mines with varying levels of output in Australia. It is focused on low-cost operations while also generating some of the best-grade nickels in the world.

Panoramic Resources

This company is another manufacturer with interests in the nickel mining sphere. The company also adopts a diverse approach to its exploration of minerals. It is invested in mining for copper, cobalt, and nickel in the Kimberley area of Australia. 


Mincor is an Australian nickel mining company that focuses on production with low costs and appreciable financial benefits. The company centres on discovering more convenient paths to nickel mining. It also has an inventory of assets that are poised to be developed.

These various companies are the flag bearers in Australia’s push to make nickel an integral part of its economic growth.

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